Does Eyelid Surgery Stop the Aging Process?

Eyelid surgery, known as eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, is a commonly requested procedure at Northwestern Plastic Surgery. The procedure rejuvenates the eye area, making the eyes look well-rested, alert and more pleasant.

Many eyelid surgery patients are curious whether eyelid surgery stops the aging process. Our Chicago plastic surgeons are honest with their answer: Eyelid surgery will not stop the aging process. In fact, no surgical procedure will stop the aging process. The area around the eyes will continue to age normally after surgery.

However, eyelid surgery will produce beautiful, long-lasting results. It corrects the visible signs of aging and gives the eyes a youthful, more attractive quality. Protecting the eyes from the sun with the help of sunglasses and hats helps our patients maintain their results for many years to come.

What Eyelid Surgery Accomplishes

Let’s explore the most common goals that eyelid surgery can help you achieve.

Corrects Ptosis

Ptosis is a medical term that describes drooping — in this case, of the upper eyelids. It usually develops as the result of the forces of gravity and the natural aging of the eye’s structures, although there are cases of congenital ptosis. Other causes include stroke and trauma. Ptosis may cause one or both eyelids to cover part of the pupil and interfere with vision. Usually, the tendon of the muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid stretches, causing the lid to fall. Eyelid lift repairs the stretched tendon to correct the drooping eyelid.

Smoothes Under-eye Bags

Factors like genetics and lack of sleep can cause the appearance of “bags” underneath the eyes. Undereye bags give the eyes a tired and sad appearance. Lower eyelid surgery removes or redistributes the excess fat and skin that contributes to under-eye bags. This improves the contour between the lower lash line down to the mid-face.

Create a Crease in the Upper Eyelid

A common characteristic in many patients of Asian descent is the lack of a crease in the upper eyelids (above the lashes). If the patient requests it, eyelid surgery can create the crease for a wider-eyed appearance and a more “Westernized” look. However, this is completely at the personal discretion of the individual patient. Some Asian-American patients seek out this change, whereas others are happy with the physical characteristics of their ethnic identity as-is.

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