Teachers Prep for School Year with Cosmetic Surgery

The end of summer is understandably stressful, as you prep the kids to go back to school. Buying supplies, writing down schedules and coordinating carpools can certainly wear on the nerves. By the time the first day of school rolls around, you are likely feeling tired, rumpled and a bit frazzled.

To make matters worse, imagine this: Your child’s teacher greets you and your child for the first time, looking impossibly relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the new school year.

You may wonder: How does she manage to look so fresh and youthful?

Well, the secret’s out: She may have treated herself to a cosmetic enhancement procedure over the summer. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently reported on the rise in plastic surgery among educators during the summer months.

Why Teachers Pursue Cosmetic Surgery

Anyone who works in education would agree that it takes a lot of energy to keep up with a classroom for an entire school year. Cosmetic surgery is a great way to treat the facial wrinkles and lines that crop up during a stressful school year.

Also, children are not shy about pointing out perceived flaws in other people, including their teachers. This can make a teacher self-conscious of a feature they don’t particularly care for (for example, a crooked nose or loose skin on the arms). Although kids don’t mean to be malicious, their criticisms may eventually motivate a teacher to pursue surgical correction (for example, rhinoplasty to correct the nose or arm lift to improve the contour of the arms).

Summer Is a Good Time to Undergo Treatment

Summer is a popular time for teachers to undergo surgery. Plastic surgeons say they typically see an influx of teachers coming in for consultations at the beginning of the summer.

There are a few advantages to having cosmetic surgery while school is out of session. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that there is adequate time to recover from treatment. Facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement and body contouring procedures require a substantial recovery period: ideally, two to three weeks. Teachers have about three months off during the summer, during which time they can have the cosmetic procedure of their choice and completely recover before going back to school.

Another benefit to having cosmetic surgery during the summer is that the transformation and results are less dramatic to students and colleagues. Instead of returning to the classroom after a long weekend looking noticeably different, a teacher’s newly refreshed visage or enhanced physique may go unnoticed amidst the hustle and bustle of the school year. There may be less speculation about a teacher “having work done.”

Consider Your Options

Are you a teacher who is tired of the critical stares of your students, or a parent who wants to look more rested and relaxed? Contact Northwestern Plastic Surgery today to learn more about your cosmetic surgery options. You may want to start planning for next year’s treatment, or consider non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment, which doesn’t require a lengthy recovery period! Call us at (312) 695-6022 or send us an email today to schedule an appointment.