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It’s common for a woman’s breasts to lose shape and firmness as the result of age, pregnancy, breastfeeding or genetics. Breast lift surgery improves the position of the breasts and gives them a firmer and more youthful-looking contour.

Breast Lift Candidates

You may be an appropriate candidate for breast lift if you are in good health, maintain a stable weight, do not smoke and have reasonable expectations of the procedure. Most candidates’ breasts have a flat or elongated shape, are pendulous, have enlarged areolas or one breast that sags lower than the other. Some women who pursue breast lift surgery may also add volume with breast augmentation surgery.

Preparing for a Breast Lift

You will first need to meet with our plastic surgeons to discuss the surgery and your reasons for wanting it. Our surgeons will ask you about your medical history, any previous surgeries and any family history of breast cancer. They will also examine your breasts and take measurements and photographs for your medical record. After determining that you are a suitable candidate for a breast lift, our surgeons will discuss your treatment options in greater detail.

Before you undergo a breast lift, you may be asked to undergo some lab tests or a medical evaluation. If you smoke or take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, you will be asked to stop in advance of surgery.

The Day of Surgery

Before surgery, our surgical team will ensure that you are given anesthesia to sleep comfortably throughout the procedure.

Our plastic surgeon begins by making an incision either: 1) around the areola; 2) around the areola and extending vertically down to the crease of the breast; or 3) around the areola, vertically down to the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease. Through the incisions, the surgeon will lift and reshape the breast tissue, reposition the nipple/areola to a higher position on the breast and remove excess breast skin. If it’s included in your surgical plan, the surgeon will reduce the size of large areolas. Then, he will close the incisions with sutures and bandage the breasts.

Recovering from a Breast Lift

You will need a companion to drive you home from surgery and assist you for the first 24 hours of your recovery. You will be swollen and sore immediately following surgery, but this will disappear over time. It’s very important to avoid lifting, bending, straining or engaging in strenuous activity during the first portion of your recovery. Full recovery will take several weeks; during this time you’ll meet with our surgical team so they can assess your healing progress and clear you to return to work or school.

Breast Lift Risks

In order to make educated decisions about your surgical care, it’s important to understand the risks of surgery. Complications are rare, but include bleeding, infection, loss of or changes in breast sensation, accumulation of fluid, asymmetry of the breasts and blood clots. Our plastic surgeons will review these risks in greater detail with you during your surgical consultation.

Other Considerations

A breast lift will not change the size of your breasts. If you want smaller breasts, consider a combination breast lift / reduction; if you want larger breasts, consider a combination breast lift / augmentation.

A breast lift can also be incorporated into a mommy makeover that addresses changes in the breasts and abdomen after pregnancy.

Breast Lift: Learn More

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