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As its name would indicate, mommy makeover is designed for women who want to improve the appearance of their bodies after having children. Mommy makeover most often treats separated abdominal muscles, stretched and loosened skin in the breasts, thighs and abdomen, fat deposits and stretch marks.

Mommy Makeover Options

Mommy makeover procedures may be performed together, or the treatment plan may be split up into several different phases. Because mommy makeover is tailored to the specific patient, every treatment plan will look different. Your mommy makeover will be based on the areas of your body that were most affected by your pregnancy. Your treatment plan may include a combination of the following procedures:

Body Sculpting Surgery

Pregnancy stretches the skin and tissues in the midsection and can leave skin looking loose or saggy. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) improves the appearance of your abdomen by tightening the muscles and removing excess skin and fat deposits. Liposuction can be incorporated into a mommy makeover to remove other areas of stubborn fat deposits around your buttocks, hips, thighs or arms.

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Breast Surgery

Your breasts may lose shape and volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding; it’s also common for the breasts to sag. To boost the shape and volume of the breasts, our plastic surgeons can place saline or silicone implants during breast augmentation. The surgeons can also lift your breasts into a more youthful-looking position through mastopexy (breast lift). Both procedures may be combined for a more comprehensive transformation.

In contrast, your breasts may increase in size exponentially during pregnancy — so much so that they start to strain the back and cause general discomfort. Breast reduction can provide significant relief of back and neck pain, and may be combined with breast lift for a more youthful-looking result.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Depending on the area of your face that you would like to refresh, you may elect for a procedure such as facelift or a non-surgical treatment like dermal fillers. A facelift will treat sagging in the mid-face and creases around the mouth; dermal fillers can add healthy volume to an aging face or plump up thin lips. Botox can eliminate wrinkles around the eye area.

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Our surgeons will advise whether to perform all of your procedures simultaneously, or to split them up into several stages, allowing you to recover after each procedure.

Other Considerations

If you are considering having more children in the future, it’s strongly recommended that you postpone your mommy makeover. Or, if you are planning to lose a lot of weight, it also makes sense to postpone the procedure, as weight loss can have an unfavorable effect on the results of your mommy makeover. We also recommend that you wait six months after you stop breastfeeding before having your mommy makeover.

In addition, you will want to time your mommy makeover when you have someone around to help you as you recover. It’s likely that after surgery you will be unable to do any bending or lifting — including lifting your children. If you have small children at home, arrange to have someone around to help you with childcare and let you rest as much as possible as your body heals.

Are you considering enhancing your figure with mommy makeover? If so, you probably have a list of questions. For your benefit, the Northwestern Plastic Surgery team has put together a list of the most frequently asked mommy makeover questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does mommy makeover cost?

Your mommy makeover cost will depend on several factors, including the procedures that you undergo and whether you have them performed during one surgery or spaced out. For example, a mommy makeover consisting of breast augmentation breast lift and tummy tuck will be more expensive than one that includes just breast lift and tummy tuck.

What will my mommy makeover entail?

Your mommy makeover will be completely customized to your unique needs. Most of our mommy makeover patients choose to enhance their breasts with implants and/or a lift and address their abdomen with a tummy tuck. We can also incorporate liposuction on the hips, buttocks or thighs to remove excess fat and restore pleasing curves and contours.

Should I space my procedures out or combine them into one surgery?

There are pros and cons to each approach; our doctors will review your options with you in depth. Many mothers like to combine their procedures so that they only have to go through one recovery period. Recovering from surgery can be challenging with children, especially young kids. Combining surgeries also mean just one round of anesthesia. However, if you need extensive surgical correction, we may recommend performing the procedure in stages.

When should I have my mommy makeover?

It’s best to discuss the timing of your mommy makeover with our surgical team. Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Let your body heal from childbirth.
  • Finish nursing.
  • Attain your ideal weight (or close to it).
  • Wait until you do not plan to have any more children.

Is mommy makeover painful?

No. You will receive anesthesia prior to the procedure and will remain unconscious during surgery. Also, we will prescribe oral pain medication to take after surgery if you experience pain or discomfort.

What will my recovery be like?

The recovery process varies slightly for every woman. In general, you will need to plan to rest in bed or on the couch for one to two weeks after surgery. You will probably be able to return to most of your daily routine — such as a sedentary job, some housework and driving — within two to three weeks and more strenuous activities after four to six weeks. Our surgeons will follow up with you several times during your recovery to check the progress of your healing and clear you to return to work, exercise and other activities.  

Will I have scars from my mommy makeover?

Yes, you will have some light scarring from your mommy makeover, specifically around your breasts and your lower abdomen (right above the pubic area). However, our surgeons will place the incisions in inconspicuous locations to conceal scarring; they will also provide recommendations for products to minimize scarring. With time, your scarring will fade dramatically until it is barely visible.

How can I best maintain my results?

In order to maintain your mommy makeover results, you should stay at your current weight by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Also, remember that pregnancy can reverse the effects of your mommy makeover.

How can I schedule a mommy makeover consultation?

If you’d like to consult with our surgeons about restoring your pre-baby body, please contact Northwestern Plastic Surgery today. Call (312) 695-6022 or send us an email.