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Unusual Plastic Surgery Procedures

Elf EarAt the end of the month, we’ll celebrate Halloween and all things spooky. In honor of the holiday, we’ve compiled a list of unusual (and even a bit creepy!) procedures that some plastic surgeons around the world offer.

Palm Line Surgery

People who believe in palm reading but aren’t happy with their own lines now have a way to cheat fate. Palm line surgery uses an electric scalpel to create artificial palm lines that promise more money, love and happiness. This trend is more popular in areas of the world like Japan, where news outlets report that women primarily request a stronger “love/marriage” line and men request a more prominent “wealth” line.


Pokertox uses Botox and facial filler injections to manipulate the facial appearance of gamblers. The goal is to eliminate a poker player’s “tells,” or expressions that would reveal whether they have a good hand or bad hand. For example: Upon receiving a card he doesn’t like, a poker player may raise his eyebrows; strategic injections of Botox will prevent that from happening.

Ear Cropping

Ear cropping, also known as “elfing,” gives the ears a pointed shape with a pronounced tip by removing tissue. This procedure is favored by members of the cosplay community.


Umbilicoplasty modifies the appearance of the belly button. It can transform an “outie” belly button to an “innie” by removing part of the protruding skin.

Foot Fillers

High heels have infiltrated the fashion world, and sky-high styles are particularly popular. Although trendy, high heels can wreak havoc on the feet. Some women opt to have dermal fillers injected into the balls of the feet to add a little extra “cushion.”


Born without those adorable indentations? Dimpleplasty creates an artificial dimple by making a small incision on the inside of the mouth, and placing a suture between the muscle and the skin of the cheek. It’s virtually indistinguishable from a natural dimple.

Tongue Splitting

Perhaps the creepiest example on this list, tongue bifurcation is a procedure to split the tongue down the middle to resemble a snake’s forked tongue. Ouch!

Although we don’t offer any of these unusual procedures at Northwestern Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons perform a wide range of treatment options to enhance the breasts, sculpt the body and rejuvenate the face. Learn more by calling our practice at (312) 695-6022 or sending us an email today.